I am Mark A. Epstein, Attorney at Law.  My DUI defense firm has been successfully helping clients for more than 30 years to successfully challenge DUI evidence in court.  Just because you have been arrested or charged does not mean you are guilty of drunk driving.  This area of the law can be complex, and my experience enables me to know exactly what to look for in order to create the best defense case.  Many people have suffered severe DUI penalties because they did not seek the help of a qualified Baltimore DUI attorney.  There may be evidence against you including breath and blood testing results, but you should realize many times this evidence can be challenged and possibly suppressed, leading to a dismissal or reduction of charges. Many cases can be won at trial.

When you are arrested for DUI, there are several procedures that the police must follow when they begin the process of gathering evidence of intoxication. These guidelines must be strictly followed.  If they are not, it may be cause to dismiss your case. For example, the police must read you the Advice of Rights form before giving you a breathalyzer test.  It instructs you concerning your rights with regard to taking the test as well as what could happen to your license depending upon whether you refuse the test or agree to it.  Any deviation from this procedure could be favorable to you.

Even if you agree to a breathalyzer test, the results are not always conclusive.  Breath testing units have been known to malfunction or were not calibrated correctly or maintained per the required schedule. Sometimes the officer can make a mistake while administering any of the tests involved in a DUI.  Another DUI defense strategy can involve challenging evidence based on your medical condition. You may have been arrested after failing field sobriety tests, when in fact an underlying medical condition made it impossible for you to correctly perform these tests.  Perhaps you were given a blood test; these are also susceptible to error.  Samples can be mislabeled, contaminated, or expired or corrupted or the officer had not been correctly certified in correct blood testing procedures.



I am dedicated to helping every client obtain the best possible outcome for a DUI charge. A conviction can have terrible consequences: heavy fines, a jail sentence, and loss of your driver’s license. There could be a court-ordered alcohol treatment program you are required to attend, community service requirements, and a steep hike in your insurance rates. I can help. Don’t delay, as time is important. When you contact my firm, we can discuss your case and get to work on crafting your defense.