At my law firm, I charge fees that are extremely reasonable, and I also offer the option of using payment plans. I believe that defendants do not necessarily have to pay thousands of dollars in order to secure the services of a seasoned DUI defense attorney.

At my law firm, you get both decent rates and phenomenal experience. I put more than 25 years of experience into each defense case I handle, and I am fully willing to take a DUI case all the way to trial and seek a verdict of “not guilty,” as long as the client has a strong defense.

This should be for DUI’s only:



Fees charged by other attorneys handling DUI cases vary significantly. They can range from as little as $500 to as much as $5,000 or more. I suggest you interview an attorney who:

  • strikes you as being competent
  • is not afraid to spend time with you on the phone and in the office
  • is easily accessible.

Make sure the lawyer has been handling these types of cases for a while. You might also want to ask the legal professional how many of these cases he actually takes to trial every month. Don’t choose a lawyer who always tries for the “PBJ,” which stands for probation before judgment.



Depending on the circumstances, I generally charge the DUI 1 st offender around $1,200-$1,500 for the District Court case. If we elect to request an MVA hearing so that you can try to get a restricted driver license or even get the case dismissed (known as “no action”), my fee is generally about $500. The Office of Administrative hearings charges $150 when you request the hearing.

So my total fee is between $1,200 and about $1,700 for first- time offenders. Second-time offenders and other repeat offenders can cost a bit more because they are exposed to harsher punishment if convicted. Keep in mind that, unlike many other attorneys, I’m more than willing to try a case in court, because I want to try and get you a “not guilty” if it’s possible.

Be careful in choosing an attorney who is not afraid to try a case in Court. Many attorneys take quick plea bargains for their clients even though the case should be tried. I will take a plea bargain if I think it’s best for

the client….But many times, the prosecutor will “sweeten up” the offer if he/she knows that the attorney is not afraid to litigate the case. And I’m not afraid to try a case—in fact, I try these cases all the time.



When it comes to payment, you have one of two options to choose from. You can either pay everything upfront, or you can put as little as half down with the balance being payable before your case goes to court. I accept cash and all major charge cards

I understand that not everyone has the money to pay their legal fees right from the start. This is why I am willing to work with my clients to provide them with payment schedules that better meet their financial needs. Contact my firm so you and I can discuss how much your specific case will cost, as well as your options for using a payment plan!