If you are currently facing DUI charges, you probably feel like your case is hopeless.  There is incriminating evidence against you, and if this is your first time dealing with the judicial system, you probably have no idea what to do next.  The stakes are high-after all, your future and freedom are on the line.  The worst mistake you can make at this moment is to believe that you can defend yourself without legal counsel. Your chances of obtaining a favorable case outcome are greatly increased when you retain the services of a Baltimore, Maryland DUI lawyer such as myself.



I, Mark A. Epstein, Attorney at Law, have fiercely advocated on behalf of countless individuals who were facing DUI charges for more than 30 years.

Faulty Sobriety Test Results
We can carefully assess the Field Sobriety Tests and other techniques used by the law enforcement officers to determine whether they were accurately conducted.  Our firm can also consider affirmative defenses to show that certain physical or medical conditions cause you to appear impaired even when you are not.

Unlawful Police Stops
Many DUI cases begin with a traffic stop where the defendant was observed driving and the officer witnessed a violation that resulted in a stop to enforce a traffic law. This contact is the first element of your DUI case.  You may use an unlawful traffic stop as your defense if the initial stop was not conducted in a legal manner.

Unlawful Arrest
Your attorney can also examine the quality of the investigation and the lawfulness of the arrest.  We can carefully scrutinize the officer’s training and experience.

Some common affirmative defenses to DUI charges are:

  • Necessity
  • Duress
  • Entrapment
  • Mistake of fact
  • Involuntary intoxication

The personalized attention I offer to my clients establishes that no detail will ever be overlooked. I am exhaustive when it comes to strategizing DUI defense tactics for my clients. When you entrust your DUI case to me, you can be sure that your case will be in good hands.



Many drivers make the unfortunate mistake of pleading guilty to their DUI charge.  If you have been charged with driving while under the influence, do not quit without a fight!  Keep in mind that the burden of proof is placed on prosecution. This means that prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in fact guilty of the crime to which you have been charged. Contact my DUI defense firm in Baltimore, Maryland for legal defense!



When it comes to DUI charges, it is best to act swiftly and appropriately. One misstep could cost you dearly. Don’t take your chances.  Contact me as soon as possible in order to discuss your legal options and a strong DUI defense for your case. As my client, you will have immediate and personal access to my counsel 24/7.  I’ll even give you my cell phone number. This is how important my clients are to me.

For affordable and results-driven representation, contact my firm. Let me fight for you!