Following your arrest, your have the right, within 30 days, to request a hearing on the subject of your license being suspended.  If you make the request within 10 days, the MVA is required to extend the temporary license given to you by the officer until whatever date is assigned for your hearing.

In some ways, it’s harder to get a positive result at the MVA hearing than at the District Court on the criminal charge. But it certainly is possible to get a very positive result.  First, if you blew under .15, you can almost certainly get a restricted license for work, school and medical reasons.  Unfortunately, it won’t apply to daycare or errands related to taking care of your children. If the officer violated your rights, it is possible to get the judge to take no action against you at the MVA hearing. But if you blew over a .15, the judge cannot give you a restricted license, and in some cases, I feel it is a waste of money to hire a lawyer and pay a filing fee to get a hearing in that case. I do not like to take a fee from the client unless I think I can help in these cases.  Without a hearing, where the test result was .15 or over, the client is usually eligible to have an ignition interlock installed, and then you can drive wherever and whenever you wish.

When you call me, I’ll be happy to tell you whether I feel an MVA hearing is recommended.  I have more than 30 years of experience handling license suspensions and fighting for the rights of my clients.  With the affordable representation that I offer, you will be able to have powerful representation.  Call now for a free case evaluation!