The basic fee is based on a percentage of how much I recover for you. I generally charge 1/3 of whatever the gross amount of the recovery is. If we end up having to file suit because the insurance company is not paying enough to you, the fee increases to 40% because there is a lot more work involved once we file suit. That fee applies whether or not we end up going to trial, because many times the case will end up settling before the actual trial.

Many attorneys refer cases to other attorneys if they can’t settle the case, because they are not “litigators”. I do litigate my own cases. So I’m not afraid to turn down a settlement and file suit to force the insurance company to pay more money to you.  I demand “top dollar” for my clients.

In addition, I advance any expenses needed in the case. I get reimbursed at the end of the case once the case is settled or we have a judgment.  So you never take any money out of your own pocket.

I make sure all your bills are paid and, in almost all cases, you will walk away with a nice settlement in the end. There’s never a guarantee about the outcome of a case, but I have an outstanding track record, and the insurance companies know I mean business when it comes to getting a fair amount for you.I have a busy practice because I get great results. I hope you’ll give me a call. With my law practice, you’ll speak directly to me, not an associate. You’ll get the benefit of my many years of experience.