The most important thing to do before Court is to get a lawyer as soon as possible.  The Judge won’t like it if you wait until the last minute and request a postponement.  If you consult with me promptly, I can order the police report from the State’s Attorney and do any legal research necessary to try and win your case.  Sometimes winning a case can result from just preparing the client for the best potential outcome, but doing various actions prior to the court date.

I always have my clients get an alcohol evaluation promptly.  The Court will want to see that you sought out alcohol counseling promptly and that you are remorseful for having been drinking and driving.  I can refer you for the evaluation and you also need to get some counseling.  In addition, going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings before court is a big plus to show the Court that you take the case seriously.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing my job in getting your case ready for Court.  If I believe we have a good defense, I’ll be preparing for trial and in many cases I’ll talk to the prosecutor ahead of time.

So call me anytime for a free consult, and we can get started on your case.

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