If you are accustomed to being able to drive anywhere, anytime, you will definitely suffer a big change in your lifestyle if your driver’s license is suspended due to a DUI arrest.  It is to your benefit to talk with a Baltimore DUI lawyer if you are facing charges and your license is about to be suspended, or already has.  I am Mark A. Epstein, Attorney at Law.  With my more than 30 years of experience, I can help you seek to avoid this major disruption as well as other DUI penalties.  You can take advantage of a free case evaluation, and once I know the facts, I can help steer you toward an optimum resolution of your case.

  • A DUI conviction – Driving Under the Influence (having a BAC of .08 or more in most cases) will result in a driver’s license suspension for a minimum of 45 days for a first offense. If it’s your second offense, it will put 12 points on your driver’s license record. Your license will be revoked if you have 12 or more points on your record, which means your license is gone permanently, and you would have to reapply for a license once approved in order to get one.
  • A DWI conviction – Driving While Intoxicated (having a BAC of .07) will result in a suspension for a maximum of 60 days with 8 points added to your record.
  • Test refusal – You will have your license suspended for 120 days for a first offense if you refuse to take a test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). This can still occur even if your charges are dismissed.

When you are facing a suspension of your driver’s license after a DUI arrest, you can have a Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) hearing, at which time your attorney can represent you and take action to seek to avoid the suspension.  You may be able to be granted a hardship license to drive within specific times and localities, such as to work or school.


You can fight your charges and penalties, but it really depends on your specific circumstances and history. You can fully trust me and my firm to look deep into the situation and seek out the best resolution for you. I work diligently to fight for your rights and to guide you toward the most favorable outcome.  Contact me now.