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Thanks for a Great Result

Dale W. 
Watching you try the case was masterful. I appreciate that you spent all afternoon at court for me and took my case so seriously, and thanks for a great result.


Feel Like a Million Bucks

William M. 
I’ll never know how you got the case dismissed for my second DUI. Thanks for listening to my side of the story and for backing me to the end. You made me feel like a million bucks…thanks for your hard work.


Really Appreciative

Andy B. 
I was so frightened before court today. I really appreciate that you prepared me so well for what was going to happen. Thanks to your advice, it all worked out fine and I can go on with my life. Best of all, no conviction and no points on my record.


Karen H. 
Thanks for giving me the formula to get a PBJ yesterday. It was my 3rd DUI and the judge said it was the 3rd time in all her years on the bench that she granted a PBJ like that.
Josh K.  
OMG, my third DUI and no jail time! Mark, that was awesome. Thanks for an incredible job!
Troiano, Catonsville, MD 
I had three previous DUI’s and was facing a fourth. I was actually very nervous about the outcome. Mr. Epstein was calm and collective. He stated my options with confidence. I chose course of action by trial. Mr. Epstein exemplary work resulted in not guilty on all major offenses. I would refer his services to anyone. Job well done!!!
Roger, Baltimore, MD 

You are an amazing lawyer, the way you fought to prove that I was not guilty of DUI/DWI and a dangerous weapons charge. Thank you for how hard you fought to change the judge’s mind!

Mark Thanks for another great job. 3RD DWI/DUI , Concealed deadly weapons charge . You gave me your all and went to trial and not only my charges lowered but dropped to not guilty on all counts . You always had time to talk before court and always gave me 100% as if I was your only client Client .

John , Philadelphia, PA 
While on a business trip to Maryland, I was charged with a DUI. Naturally I had many concerns regarding how this would affect me. After hiring Mark, he effectively communicated the situation and was able to negotiate a very ideal situation for me with the court. I received a PBJ with unsupervised probation, which was fantastic as I am not a Maryland resident! If you’re looking for a DUI lawyer in Maryland, look no further – Mark is your man! Thanks again Mark!

Thanks for everything

Kevin , Baltimore, MD 
This was my 1st DUI and it wasn’t your typical dui, it was a dui accident where I had fled the scene. I had a mountain of charges against me and knew I faced and uphill battle. But Mark sat me down told me my options and gave me the best defense that anyone ever could. All off my charges were dropped and no jail time was given. Thank you so much Mark for everything. I’d truly recommend Mr. Epstein to anyone that gets in a similar situation.
Tom, Towson, MD 
I had a serious traffic case and charges pending and Mark’s legal maneuvering (as a highly skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer) resulted in my case being nol pros, or for all technical purposes, dismissed. Having prior DUIs, the stakes were much higher this time and the real likelihood of jail time eminent. I was pulled over by the MdTA (Bridge Cops) in the city. While most DUI cases result in the State winning (at all costs), this one might have well gone down that way if it wasn’t for Mark’s in-depth understanding of the “system”. I took his advice, especially regarding pre-trial show of responsibility which in the end was very beneficial. Mark dropped subpoenas like GPS guided bombs out of the sky and put the State in a very difficult situation. There were several areas of the case to exploit , #1 being lack of video, #2 possible lack of reasonable articulable suspension for the initial stop, and other nuances that a skilled attorney must understand. My case was handled by an expert; even the judge in District Court agreed after the States Attorney was asked “it’s the States position to nol pros, all charges?” After a resounding yes, the judge commended me for being represented by an outstanding attorney.
Mia M , PG County, MD 

I was in jeopardy in my license being suspended for DUI and Mr. Epstein helped to get me a not guilty conviction and in result I was able to keep my license. He is very diligent and knowledgeable. He will not give any false hopes or bad advice. He is a great lawyer and is very accommodating. If you need a DUI lawyer he is the one!

Michelle Holdclaw, Baltimore, MD 

Thanks a million for all the hard work you are a excellent lawyer , Glory to God.

Vernon W., Baltimore, MD 
I was involved in a serious accident, totaling my car and damaging another vehicle. I was charged with DUI and other serious things. Mr. Epstein came to my hearing with the MVA and I got only 45 day restricted license, which was great considering what I could have received. In court today, when I had to face the charges against me, most charges were dismissed and fines greatly reduced. I received PBJ and no points on my record! I am so relieved and thankful. The advice I got from Mr. Epstein concerning rehab and AA really helped my case. I took his good advice to heart and am currently enjoying my sobriety and, thank God, no jail time! Thank you Mark for all your hard work and support and for believing in me.
Al H, Baltimore, MD 
I was charged with a violation of probation on an interlock device. I was facing the remaining jail time from a suspended sentence and the future of my job was at stake. The interlock violation was a false positive, how do you prove that? Mark did and the case was dismissed and my freedom’s intact. Thanks for giving me back my life Mark, you are the best. Don’t consider anyone else for DUI defense.
Caitlin S., Annapolis, MD 
Mark helped me with my DUI case and he was fantastic. He gave me some great advice before the court date that definitely helped to make my case stronger. The verdict was much better than I anticipated. He was confident and definitely delivered. Thanks Mark!
Renee A., Columbia, MD 
Mark Epstein is great. I too was very nervous and frightened about my case. After speaking with him over the phone and meeting him in person I was very confident and comfortable with his legal advise. My DUI was dismissed! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you again Mr. Epstein for your services and representing me.
Hill, Baltimore, MD 
I had my 1st DUI and he got me an outcome of null prosecution. no conviction, jail, fines………. NOTHING. I will forever be grateful.

Thanks for Standing Up for My Rights

Dan G. 
Mark, what you did today was amazing. I would have sworn that the prosecutor was afraid to try this case against you. Thanks for standing up for my rights. I think a lot of other lawyers would have backed down.